Jun 17, 2012

A long time has passed since my last post. The reason is that my picture story has undergone a major change. I've realized that as much as I love reading and creating comics, I love watching and creating movies more...

The sunflower clan needs to be an animated movie. The way I think when I make a comic is cinematic and I find myself editing out a lot of information that will be too much for print. Attached below is a rough idea of what went through my head before I converted it to the comic book format.

This was a sketch for a trailer I thought about making for the movie but I've since realized the best way to prove myself as a director is to make a short film. I'm currently writing a new short story that's set in the sunflower clan world but does not touch on the original themes and characters.

Anyway, the picture story is not stopping, only changing course.

Hope you like it

1 comment:

  1. Interesting as always. Good luck!
    Loving the low angle opening shot :) It's rare to see animated environment shots these days.