Aug 4, 2011

New page in gray tones and a question

Hello again

Remember me? Sorry I haven't been making swift progress with my baby here but I've been busy making a living, drawing stuff much less exciting than samurai bees. Maybe I should marry a wealthy girl that will take care of me while I work exclusively on my passion project... Oh well.

I've finished the gray tone stage of the next page and uploaded it. here it is again:

I've been toying with the idea of uploading the next few pages in grey tones first and then doing a color pass on all of them. It means I'll be uploading stuff quicker but the lack of atmosphere added by color will take away some of the effect of each page.

Right now there is very little of the main story on display. basically, none. You still haven't seen the main character or the main conflicts. I really want to tell the story quicker but I'm afraid the lack of color might be damaging. What do you think? would you like more story and less pretty pictures (at first) or the other way around?

I hope there's still someone paying attention to this blog. I've neglected it for too long...

1 comment:

  1. I don't see why not, though I'll probably wait for the color versions, myself.