Jun 6, 2011


My name is Ehud. This blog is about a picture story I've been working on for a long long time. I don't like the definitions "Comic book" or "Graphic novel" because my story is not too funny and I'm not sure if it constitutes a novel. It's a story. In pictures. A picture story.

Before I go on you might want to actually read the first pages. Just click on the little thingy on the top left and you'll see it in this cool digital book format I got from http://issuu.com

I guess I have way too much to write about in this first post. It's probably better to space things out into several entries. So... the best way to explain what it is that I'm trying to accomplish is to first talk about the most important thing in the world- ME!

My parents and grandparents were beekeepers. I used to help out with the business and hated it. But I learned a lot about bees. Ever since I can remember I was doing two things: Drawing and hearing lectures about bees and beekeeping. I loved the first and hated the second.

Every time I found myself explaining to someone else about bees I noticed something peculiar; no matter who it was, the listener was almost always fascinated. It seemed a lot of people were really interested in bees.

Years later, I realized the truth. People aren't interested in bees. They are interested in themselves. Bees, bee society and the hive's hierarchy are a metaphor to human society and the human condition. People see themselves in bees and are amazed how something so similar to their way of life can exist in such a tiny, simple creature.

Ok, I think that's pretty good for a first post. Next time I'll explain which human society, in which era, is most similar to bee society in my opinion (although I think it's pretty obvious from the pages I drew...)

Hope you enjoy my picture story. I'll keep uploading new pages as I finish them. Everything I show here is work in progress and I'd appreciate any feedback or advice anyone is willing to give.

So... there. The sunflower clan is online.


  1. Beautifully written, Ehud. Looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks Doron! You've done some beautiful and interesting writing yourself on your blog "The art of art".

  3. Really Cool! I love how you use patterns in your backgrounds. It gives it more of a Japanese/Asian feel.
    Choosing to make your main character a bee makes the story seem more personal to you. I see great things ahead for you and your project.

  4. Thank you very much, James! So great to hear you like it! I took the liberty of adding your cool blog to my interesting places list. Your art and storyboards are gorgeous!